Emisioni Real Story këtë të hënë ka sjellë për herë të parë në vëmendjen e publikut dokumentarin “Muxhahedinet e Fundit”.


Moderatori Sokol Balla është futur në kampin e Muxhahedineve iraniane, ne qytezen e mistershme mes Tiranës dhe Durrësit. Në këtë dokumentar Balla ka sjellë në vëmendje jetën e re të 3000 MEK-eve në Manëz.


Ndërkohë nga ana tjetër muxhahedinët për Real Story deklarojnë se qëllimi i tyre është lufta për të gjithë bashkëkombasit e tyre dhe për lirinë e vendit.


Drejtuesi i kampit Hassan Nayeb Agha është shprehur se mediat e huaja përpiqen të demonizojnë komunitetin e tyre.


“Ne 79′ shpresuam se me rrezimin e regjimit vendi do te ktheje ne nje sistem demokratik. Por kjo nuk ndodhi.  Mediat e huaja perpiqen te demonizojne komunitetin tone. Ka presione te ndryshme ndaj nesh. Presione me te cilat perballet dhe shteti shqiptar.”


Përfaqësues nga MEK në fjalën e tyre shpehen se për shqiptarët kanë respekt dhe mirënjohje, pasi sipas tyre populli shqiptar ka një zemër të madhe.


Ndërsa pyetjes së moderatorit Balla se çfarë bëjnë MEK në Shqipëri dhe a kanë kampe trajnimi për luftë kundër Iranit?


Drejtuesi i kampit Agha theksoi se në këtë kamp ato nuk trajnojnë luftëtarë.


“MEK jane intelektualet e shoqerise iraniane. “Lufta” jone eshte ti bejme rezistence regjimit Iranian permes intelektualizmit.  Ne Ashraf kemi patur nje kamp stervitor per ti bere rezistence regjimit iranian. Nje kamp i mirefillte stervitor.  Ne Shqiperi nuk do te donim te kishim nje kamp stervitor luftarak. Ketu ne ushtrojme te drejten e te qenurit njerez normal dhe rezistencen e bejme permes perpjekjes per te…”


Sipas tij Muxhahedin është domethenia e luftëtarëve për liri.



10 thoughts on ““Muxhahedinët e Fundit”, Real Story sjell jetën e 3000 MEK në Manëz

  1. A very informative report on a movement that has made many sacrifices for his country. Pro work and a striking truth

  2. buona sera
    ho visto il vostro programma molto intressante e informativa e credo che il popolo albanese
    con questo programma potrà sapere la realtà della resistenza iraniana .
    buona fortuna.

  3. Hello Mr Sokol Balla. I watched your excellent Real Story program about the MEK on Vision Plus television. I thought it was very informative and professional. It’s good that you informed the people of Albania about Iran’s democratic opposition movement, the Muxhahedinet

  4. Dear Mr Moderatori Sokol Balla, presenter of the Real Story in Vision Plus in Albania.
    Your program was brought to my notice in which you visited the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, NCRI, PMOI and many other pseudonyms) terrorist organisation and held an interview with Mr Hassan Naybagha.
    I noted that Hassan Naybagha falsely claimed that all foreign media are now trying to mislead the international community and claimed not only that the group is not a military group but the group and its members in the camp are from among the intellectuals of Iranian society, who have only resisted the regime in Iran by intellectual means (not military).
    As an ex-member of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MEK, MKO, or more properly known as the Rajavi cult),I can testify to you that the MEK is nothing more or less than a terrorist group. When I was with the group, I was regularly encouraged to carry out violent acts of terrorism. I have also been witness to the despatch of MEK terror teams from Iraq to Iran to carry out bombing campaigns, using mortars to attack buildings in residential areas. I am available to testify in any court of justice should there be the opportunity.
    Please don’t be fooled by the charm offensive of this terrorist cult. Due to the defeat of Saddam Hussein who was the benefactor and the main strategic ally of Mojahedin Khalq, the group is now incapable of taking up arms. But make no mistake, they still have the dangerous potential to start terrorist operations should the time and the place by favourable to them.
    Mir Bagher Sedaghi

  5. Open letter of a group of ex-members of MEK to the President of Vision Plus TV in Albania

    Dear Mr SOKOL BALLA,
    You recently provided a report on the Mojahedin camp in Albania, but this report is not real. Why?
    The MEK are trying to whitewash their past. Surely they have not told you anything about their past. Why?

    This organization has a black history and for this reason the MEK organization is trying to erase it. Why? Because they have a terrible past of violence and terrorism.

    Its terrorist operations targeted American-owned businesses, and it killed six American citizens, in addition to its far more numerous Iranian victims.
    After the victory of the Iranian revolution and the beginning of the war between Iran and Iraq the MEK joined Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The Iraqi dictator also gave the group weapons, cash, and a compound called Camp Ashraf in return for its continuing attacks inside Iran as well as helping Saddam suppress his own domestic opponents.

    Within this organization are many things that you have not been told, for example: compulsory divorce, meetings to confess dreams in which everyone must describe their dreams, family contact is forbidden, having a phone was forbidden. If anyone wanted to leave the organization, they would have to spend two years imprisoned in Ashraf, then eight years in Abu Ghraib prison, then be handed over to the Iranian government. WHY? Just because they want to leave the MEK organization.

    We suggest that the next time you want to report about the MEK, it would be better to ask them about their past, about forced divorces, working with Saddam Hussein, and imprisonment and torture inside Camp Ashraf. And in addition, invite investigative delegations to establish the truth.

    Yours Sincerely

  6. It was an amazing peace of information you provided Mr Sokol Balla. I was amazed by the professionalism of your work and was also astonished by the tenacity of the people you so well introduced. It’s good to have independent journalists who seek to find the truth for themselves and are not prepared to be misled by the Iranian regime’s fake news.
    I thank you for your great report. You did an excellent job.

    1. Omg you call that weak and fake program professional? They acted so unreal even people in background ??
      Did you know they don’t let men and women even talk to each other without the permission of their commanders?

  7. This cult is very dangerous for Albanian people and government. They are terrorist. They carry out much crimes all over the world. Just in Iran they assassinate 17000 persons.

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